How Does the Philadelphia Furniture Bank Work?

Philadelphia Furniture Bank
brown leather couch centered in a warehouse

Have you ever found yourself wondering...
What happens to my furniture after I donate it to the Philadelphia Furniture Bank?

The answer is simple.

The Philadelphia Furniture Bank (PFB) has furnished over 8,000 homes since its start in 2014. We depend on corporate and individual donors for furniture. Currently, we’re partnered with more than 60 social service and non-profit member agencies. These member agencies refer their clients, who are in need of home furnishings, to “shop” for furniture with us.

Where Does the Furniture Come From?

The Philadelphia Furniture Bank receives requests from potential donors wanting to donate furniture items that are still in great shape. Donors range from small businesses to individual residences. We confirm the items to be taken away, and an appointment is made for a friendly pick-up. If a donor needs the furniture taken away quickly, or has a lot of furniture, Good Haul, our social enterprise junk hauler, will handle that project! 

Speaking of Good Haul, we have various corporate partners, like IKEA and Urban Outfitters who donate excess to help supply our Furniture Bank. Good Haul also supplies PFB with quality furniture items when they are picked up during a junk haul or residential cleanout. 

After pick-up, the items are sorted accordingly. Soft furnishings are placed in our hot box to sanitize. Every item is carefully checked for quality and cleanliness, then placed on the showroom floor. We currently have the showroom sections for Lighting, Art and Mirrors, Dining/Kitchen Tables, Chairs and Sofas, Dressers, and a Pop-Up Shop. The Pop-Up Shop is a fun area filled with assorted cooking items, home décor, and more.  

Who Receives Furniture?

One of our member agencies refers a client to the Furniture Bank and they set an appointment with us. When they arrive for their appointment, they will greeted by a staff person or volunteer. The client will get a brief overview of how the process works, including confirmation of drop off locations and household information. 

client, case worker, and pfb worker in the pfb warehouse

Then, the client walks through the Furniture Bank picking out items they like and ones that will fit in their home. Each client, adjusted for household size, will receive soft chairs or a sofa set, a dining set, dressers, occasional tables for their rooms (nightstands, tv tables, side tables), art pieces, a mirror, and lighting. We encourage all clients to take the time to ensure their selected pieces are comfortable and functional for their family and space.

The client will end their shopping in the Pop-Up Shop. Clients often select items such as silverware, reusable plates and cups, or seasonal décor to help make their house feel more like home. While clients browse the Pop-Up Shop, our PFB employees are working hard behind the scenes to move the client’s selected furniture off the showroom floor. Each piece is labeled per client and carefully moved to one location in the warehouse for easy loading onto transport trucks. 

Clients can arrange for curbside delivery or choose a self-transport method, usually depending on a few friends and a U-Haul to load up their furniture. If clients select curbside delivery, their furniture will be delivered by Philadelphia Furniture Bank staff the next day! If self-transport is chosen, our PFB staff will assist with loading up the furniture, and off it goes to the client's home!

If you’re wondering what to do with that dresser that’s sitting in your basement or the dining room table that’s barely used now that the kids have moved out, donate it to the Philadelphia Furniture Bank. It will find a great new home.

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