Your support has provided homes, restored health and reclaimed lives for more than 400 people that no one else has been able to serve.

Pathways to Housing PA is an independent non-profit organization. 

Why Housing First Works


For the Chronically Homeless

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For the Community

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We start by housing people directly from the streets, without precondition.  Then we address their underlying issues around mental health, addiction, medical care, income, and education to help integrate and welcome them back into our community.

News & Updates

  • Joe Quinn, part of the Community Integration Department at Pathways,  is pictured here with one of his participants.
    Addiction is a serious thing! So it's important for Joe and his participants to take opportunities to laugh together.
  • Joe Quinn, part of the Community Integration Department at Pathways,  is pictured here with one of his participants.
    Joe(right) is working with one of Pathway's participants. Joe believes the key to restoring lives is building strong relationships.
Joe Quinn has a unique job. He is a guide, but his turf extends beyond city streets and notable landmarks into human motivation. Joe’s job is to help people navigate the bumpy road out of addiction. And like any good guide, his insights come from hard-earned personal experience.
  • Pathways to Housing PA board member and homeless service provider Evan Figueroa-Vargas educates others in Philadelphia on homelessness, active addiction and recovery.
    Board member Evan Figueroa-Vargas

Those closest to the problem are closest to the solutions.

  • Service Coordinator at Pathways to Housing Pa, explains why Housing First, matters to her and those moving out of homelessness in Philadelphia.
    Saving cats, finding housing, and changing lives are all in a days work for Pathways Team 3 Service Coordinator Elana.
Elana is not an idealist. “I like things that are practical. Things I can touch, and hold, and feel.” She grew up in North Jersey, studied social work at Temple, and in 2016 came to work at Pathways to Housing PA. While the work can be challenging, she works with an incredible team, and she believes in her work. Her realism might just be the thing that makes her so good at supporting people with a history of homelessness.
  • Philadelphia Mural Art's artist Diane Pieri's donate work for the 2017 Chair Affair.
    Join us on April 19th at the 2018 Chair Affair to see more original works like this one and help raise money for families moving out of poverty.
  • Painting of a bright blue bus traveling through colorful vegetation.
    For her murals, like this one at the Cruz Recreation Center on N 6th street, Diane takes inspiration from the local community and culture.
  • Golden circle's overlay deep orange, blue and red hues in Diane Pieri's painting.
    Diane's recent work with textured paper is inspired by her days sketching in Grannie's kitchen.
Artist Diane Pieri has always looked for authenticity and beauty in her work. When she learned that the Philadelphia Furniture Bank lets families create beauty as they build a new life, she knew she had to get involved.