• Ending Homelessness.  One person at a time.

    Ending Homelessness

    One person at a time
  • Grand Opening

    No one should sleep on the floor
  • A Place to call Home.

    A safe place to call Home

    Everyone deserves the opportunity
  • Setting the Standard

    for ending Veterans Homelessness
  • Housing First Ends Homelessness

    It really is that simple

Pathways to Housing PA is providing homes, restoring health and reclaiming lives. We have done this for over 400 people that no one else has been able to serve.

Why Housing First Works


For the Chronically Homeless

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For the Community

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We start by housing people directly from the streets, without precondition.  Then we address their underlying issues around mental health, addiction, medical care, income, and education to help integrate and welcome them back into our community.

News & Updates

Music pumps out of the speakers, the walls are painted in uplifting colors, and it appears to be a regular Tuesday at a local gym. However today, something is different.

For someone struggling to survive without housing, small things like getting a haircut can be the last thing on one’s mind. But for participants at Pathways to Housing PA, a small gesture like a haircut can go a long way towards getting them on the road to recovery.

For Charlene* and her three children, to say that the past three months have been difficult would be an understatement. They were forced to leave their home and build a new life in a completely different place. Luckily, they found a new home, but they were still sleeping on a bare, hardwood floor and eating their meals without a table or chairs.

For two months, 62-year-old Cynthia has been sleeping on the cold, hard floor of her new apartment.

Not only was she without a bed, but her apartment had absolutely no furniture…no table on which to eat dinner, no chair in which to rest and nothing to make her house feel like a home.

But that all changed this week, thanks to the Philadelphia Furniture Bank. Just 5 days shy of her 63rd birthday, Cynthia received one of the best birthday presents she’s ever had: furniture to fill her apartment.