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The COVID-19 pandemic impacted everyone, but especially those in vulnerable communities. In an effort to uphold our mission, Pathways to Housing PA implemented a multi-pronged approach to maintain services continuity, staff and participant safety, and innovate service delivery.


Until 10 months ago, I used substances for 40 years. I grew up poor and started using crack cocaine when I was a 12-year-old kid because my stepfather was a big time drug dealer and used to bring 10 kilos from Miami every week. We would steal drugs from him and snort them and I became addicted at a young age because they were there for the taking. Then my mom put us in a home, also around when I was 12, and there were drugs there too. I was young and had easy access and it made addiction easy.

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Dear Friends:

Given the current state of emergency in the city, we are not opening our offices today, June 1, 2020. The Philadelphia Furniture Bank will also remain closed as are all City offices and non-emergent services. We will, however, be working diligently because there is much to do.

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Food insecurity is an ongoing issue for our participants, many of whom are zero income. Before the global pandemic set in, Pennsylvania’s General Assistance program ended, which was a resource that many of our participants utilized. We work with people who have one or more disabilities who have also experienced chronic homelessness, and many of them depended on this program to make ends meet. The extra $200 each month helped ensure they didn’t have to choose between buying food and buying other necessities like soap and toothpaste.


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