Philly Furniture Bank Grand Opening!

  • Philadelphia Furniture Bank
    Photo Credit: Sarah
  • Senator Kitchen, Philadelphia Furniture Bank
    Furniture Bank Manager, Tom Maroon, Volunteer, Barron Dean, Senator Shirley Kitchen, Gary Randazzo, COO, Diamond Furniture & Mattress Sandy Sheller of the Sheller Family Foundation, Chris Simiriglia, ED of Pathways to Housing PA and Bob Hunn, Board Chair, Pathways to Housing PA Photo Credit: Sarah
  • Photo Credit: Sarah
  • PFB Manager, Tom Maroon gives Senator Shirley Kitchen a tour of the Furniture Bank Photo Credit: Sarah
  • Photo Credit: Sarah
  • Photo Credit: Sarah
  • Photo Credit: Sarah

"No one wants to be homeless. No one wants to see everything slip away. But for many, this is the reality. The Philadelphia Furniture Bank is a progressive idea and a great answer to helping formerly homeless families and individuals have a place to call home." -Senator Shirley Kitchen explained at the grand opening of the Philadelphia Furniture Bank on Wednesday, December 17, 2014.

Community members from across Philadelphia came together to kick-off the grand opening of a new and one-of-its- kind collaborative venture, The Philadelphia Furniture Bank (PFB), a project of Pathways to Housing PA. Guests were invited to the ribbon cutting ceremony and to tour the 20,000 square foot warehouse that will provide donated furniture at no cost to individuals and families moving from homelessness to permanent housing. Guest speakers, Senator Shirley Kitchen, Sandy Sheller of the Sheller Family Foundation, Bob Hunn, Pathways Board Chair, Chris Simiriglia, Pathways Exective Director, and Tom Maroon, Philly Furniture Bank Manager, spoke about the importance of the city's very first furniture bank.

No child should sleep on the floor. No family should be without a dining table. Everyone should have a place to keep their clean clothes and treasured belongings. These are the simple, human goals of the Philadelphia Furniture Bank (PFB) - turning empty houses into welcoming homes by providing no-cost furnishings to those in need.

PFB will provide free furniture to the poorest Philadelphia residents, people who would otherwise sleep and eat on the floor in the first real home they have had in years. Recipients will include: formerly homeless individuals and families, victims of domestic violence looking for a safe environment, those suffering with mental illness or chemical dependency, working families struggling to make ends meet, victims of natural disasters and fires, young adults leaving foster care and refugee families.

Home is more than four walls. When individuals and families finally move off the streets and into housing, their new homes are often empty. After expenses such as food, utilities and rent are paid, these families often have nothing left for even the most basic household furnishings. Without furniture, it’s nearly impossible to create a stable, welcoming home environment. Families stay in shelters longer, waiting for furniture so they can move into homes.

The opening of the Philadelphia Furniture Bank is made possible by generous sponsors including: The Barra Foundation, The City of Philadelphia, Diamond Furniture, Titan Power, Sheller Family Foundation, Warehouse 34 and HAFI.

"I know countless children who have slept on the floor for years and have never experienced the comfort of a pillow. The PFB will provide the comforts of home that so many of us take for granted." -Sandy Sheller of the Sheller Family Foundation

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