Did you know that you can fundraise for the Philadelphia Furniture Bank?

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We are fortunate to receive regular inquiries from individuals and groups that want to support Pathways, and every little bit helps us to ensure that we're providing homes, restoring health, and reclaiming lives for those in need in our community. 

Your fundraiser can be whatever you want it to be! We've been the beneficiary of lots of fundraisers - everything from a good old fashioned lemonade stand to a percentage of sales of a special brew at Love City Brewing

We're open to all of your ideas, so please review the following guidelines and then fill out the form below to indicate your interest!


Basic guidelines

  • The planning of a third party fundraiser is the responsibility of the hosting person or organization; Pathways will not advance funds, provide contact lists, solicit sponsorship revenue, provide staff support, or produce materials for the event.

  • Our ability to provide services for your event is limited by staff size and internal fundraising obligations.

  • Pathway retains the right to decline support from individuals or organizations that do not align with our mission and values.

  • Use of the Pathways logo MUST be approved before printing and/or publication.

  • Any party who organizes a fundraising event on behalf of Pathways is solely responsible for obtaining any necessary permits, clearances, and liability insurance that is required by the state or government. Pathways cannot be held responsible for any details directly or indirectly related to the event.

  • Unfortunately, we do not allow fundraisers to take place at the Philadelphia Furniture Bank or at the Pathways to Housing PA office.


You can view the entire Fundraising Event Guide here


If you'd like to host a fundraiser on behalf of Pathways, please complete the Fundraising Event Application and a member of our advancement team will contact you to review the details of your event.


Fundraising Event Application

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