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Going to college for the first time is a huge step for both parent and child. It can be easy to overlook important things, and feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to happen before move-in day. Luckily, the folks over at have compiled a short list of things to do ahead of the big day, which we have summarized here for you.

  1. Set up a bank account near campus. Budgeting is an important step to independence, and having access to a bank account on campus can ensure your teen has all the necessary resources.
  2. Book a doctor’s appointment. Most colleges and universities have vaccination requirements, and having a primary care physician in their new city or town is an important step to ensure your teen is seen right away if they become sick.
  3. Packing the priorities. Rather than pack for every eventuality, they recommend that you focus on the important things and ensure that your teen has the ability to purchase anything else they need.
    1. Sleep essentials. Sleep is vital to maintain mental health, so sending your teen off to college with quality bedding, a mattress topper, white noise machine, and other supplies that will promote a good restful night’ sleep is a must.
    2.  A first-aid kit. Your teen may be accustomed to having the basics available on-demand in your home, and you can set them up for success by sending them a first-aid kit to keep in their dorm room.
    3. Kitchen basics. Aside from the essentials like cups, plates, and cutlery, having small appliances can be a lifesaver for college freshmen. It is important to check the school’s requirements, and checking with roommates to ensure there are not duplicates, before making plans to purchase an appliance.
    4. Smart storage solutions. Most dorm rooms are small, and students need to maximize the space they have. Starting with some basics like under-the-bed storage bins will help get your teen started, and additional items can be purchased once they are in the room and have a better sense of where they may need storage.
  4. Take stock of what can be left at home. Especially if your teen is traveling out of state or a long distance for school, a good rule of thumb is that if an item can be purchased after move-in, it is not something that you should waste energy transporting a long distance. Similarly, if it has not been used in over a year, it is probably safe to leave at home.

Once your teen is fully settled in at college, it is a great time for you to take stock of their space at home. Are there items that need to be donated or recycled? Do you need to replace furniture or appliances that your teen took to school? Are you going to completely re-furnish their room or repurpose their space for a new use? Many parents even consider downsizing their space once their kids are out of the house at college.

Good Haul is an excellent option for removal services once you have determined your next steps. We will donate all useable items to our nonprofit partners, including the Philadelphia Furniture Bank. We will recycle what is reusable, and trash the items that cannot be repurposed. The time and energy you save by letting us handle the sorting and disposal of your items can be put towards enjoying your empty nest.

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