two men loading Good Haul truck

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of items do you haul away?

We take anything and everything! Our hauling services range from small residential cleanouts to business junk removal, so items collected include but aren’t limited to: appliances, electronics, furniture, housewares, mattresses, etc. Feel free to contact us if you have a question about a particular item, but chances are, we'll take it!

What do you charge for your services?

$1.80 per cubic foot. Our pickup minimum cost is $99. To calculate final price, our movers will carefully pack your items on our truck, then measure the cubic feet of truck space used. That cubic footage will be multiplied by $1.80, which will amount to the total cost. Quotes and all applicable fees (out of location range, etc.) will be discussed with you before we begin. All proceeds benefit Pathways to Housing PA & the Philadelphia Furniture Bank.

Where do you operate?

Good Haul is based out of Philadelphia, PA and serves zip codes in Philadelphia County. Subject to availability, we can also serve portions of the surrounding counties. Please see our location map for more detailed information and feel free to contact us if you aren’t within this range. 

Who do you donate items to? 

We ensure that all useable items are donated to a variety of nonprofit partners in our community. Our primary partner is the Philadelphia Furniture Bank which supports individuals and families exiting homelessness with furnishing their new homes. A few of the other organizations we partner with include: Circle Thrift, Habitat for Humanity ReStore, PAR-Recycle Works, The Salvation Army Thrift Store

How does the donation process work?

After removal of items from your property, we carefully sort items at our warehouse so they can be donated or recycled efficiently. We handle all the pickup, drop-off, and coordination of items so you can be sure your stuff finds new life.

Can I schedule a pickup online?

Yes, please schedule a pickup here! We will get back to you within 48 hours confirming the details of your appointment.

Can I receive a donation receipt for tax purposes? 

Yes! You tell us how much your items are worth and we’re able to provide documentation and a tax receipt for you. 

How can I get in touch with your team for more information or to schedule a pickup?

If you have a question about your pickup before scheduling, you can reach us via email at GoodHaul@pthpa.org. Otherwise, all scheduling can be done on our website

How else can I support your nonprofit's mission?

Good Haul is a program of Pathways to Housing PA, whose mission is to empower those with disabilities to improve their housing stability, achieve better health, and reclaim their lives. To support Pathways and our programs, please consider donating at this link. Other ways to get involved can also be found here