Conference table

Housing First University offers training under four main categories, though many subjects overlap and build upon one another. Please contact us to discuss a custom package that fits your agency’s unique needs.

Housing First
Topics essential to high fidelity Housing First implementation

  • The Housing First Philosophy
  • Housing First: How & why it works
  • Preparing your community for Housing First
  • Procuring housing and building relationships with landlords
  • Eviction prevention strategies
  • Community inclusion in homelessness recovery


Harm Reduction
Introductory and intermediate level topics within harm reduction

  • Overdose response & naloxone administration
  • Practicing harm reduction in an abstinence focused system
  • Harm reduction & the therapeutic alliance: Responding to recurrence of use
  • Applied harm reduction and Housing First strategies
  • Services for sex workers and harm reduction principles


Integrated Care
Topics most relevant to agencies offering both behavioral health and medical services or those interested in adopting an Integrated Care model

  • Integrated care and Housing First
  • Providing low-barrier, office-based opioid treatment
  • Fundamentals of medical case management
  • Medical outreach for community healthcare providers
  • Medical tiering and participant needs assessment

Service Delivery
Best practices for human services professionals

  • Assertive engagement
  • Boundaries, ethics, & confidentiality: Managing professional relationships
  • Crisis intervention & de-escalation
  • Culturally responsive services: From competence to humility
  • Documentation best practices
  • Fundamentals of suicide prevention
  • Home visits: Why and how to do them
  • Making space for lived experience
  • Motivational interviewing & the Stages of Change
  • Promoting behavioral health & wellness in LGBTQ+ communities
  • Social determinants of health
  • The peer role in our service system
  • Trauma informed care: Providing services that don’t re-traumatize people
  • Uncovering implicit bias
  • Understanding racial disparities in homelessness
  • Using the team approach in case management


As part of each training package, HFU can provide:

  • Certificates of attendance
  • Continuing education credit for most licensed social workers
  • Pre/post-testing assessments to evaluate level of knowledge gained by training attendees
  • Course evaluation data summaries
  • Recommendations for additional training topics or areas of focus
  • Copy of training materials, including slides and relevant tip sheets
  • List of resources for continued learning
  • Registration and/or attendance roster
  • Training recording for unrestricted internal use by the contracting agency and guide to effectively utilizing recorded training content
  • Access to Housing First University Dropbox to store all training materials

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