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Founded in 2008, Pathways to Housing PA has been successfully implementing the Housing First model in Philadelphia for over a decade. 


Our teams have helped to end homelessness for hundreds of people previously unreachable by traditional systems. We know that good clinicians in good agencies and caring communities spend countless hours, and face significant financial burden, trying to assist chronically homeless individuals with mental health, substance use, and medical disabilities. It can be frustrating, especially when lacking a good, evidenced-based model.


We can help. We do this work every day.

Our Services

HFU’s training approach combines evidence-based adult learning principles with dynamic content that organizations need to adopt high-fidelity Housing First services. Our multimodal delivery includes in-person and virtual convenings that offer our clients tactical tips on specific topics to approach their work.
Technical Assistance
Our TA approach recognizes that systemic change stands at the nexus of evidence-based practice, organizational culture, financial sustainability, and operational efficiency. HFU TA providers are uniquely situated to support transformation because we do this work every day. TA is best suited for organizations that need support with refining and innovating their existing services.
The HFU consulting approach works to help organizations identify adaptive challenges, recognize and adapt to trends, plan for the future, rapidly innovate, and start new service lines. Consulting is best suited for people and organizations in need of expert staff capacity to address technical and systemic challenges.

HFU offers the people and organizations we work with a spectrum of services to meet their needs – from targeted training to support evidence-based practice, to intensive consulting engagements that address adaptive challenges. We work with our clients to tailor solutions that are responsive to their unique needs across these three service offerings.

“Thanks to both of you for getting this knowledge out there. I came up out of homelessness, too. The points you made are crucial and way too often not understood. Thanks again.” – “Recovering from Homelessness” Webinar Attendee