This Valentines Day, four hair stylists with a passion for people made our participants feel and look great! Kay, Kaytie, Zoe and Wendy understand that a hair cut is about more than just trimming a few stray locks.

Poster advertising Peace and Noise Concert, showing  images of the three featured bands

What do rock music and ending homelessness have in common? They're both things that our friends Ben and Brianna are passionate about. Learn how they used their passion to move one person out of homelessness and into a home this January.

Dr Lara smiles and places pressure cuff on participant Robert, who is also smiling.

This fall, several medical students from Drexel University got a lecture from some Pathways participants. Are you jealous you missed the event? Me too! But don’t worry-you can click here to read the story and find out what they learned.

Carrie smiles at the camera and stands in 15th street station in front of the doors leading underground

Did you know that Philadelphia is doing great work to address homelessness? Follow Pathways Outreach Specialist Carrie Wagner for an afternoon, and learn about some things we can celebrate.


This week we explore Team 7, our exciting new team dedicated to surviving one of Philadelphia's most vulnerable homeless populations; those struggling with persistent opioid addiction.


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