Why I Give

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We couldn't be more grateful for all of our donors and we always love to hear why they make the decision to support Pathways to Housing PA and the Housing First Model. If it wasn't for the many generous individuals who support us throughout the year, we wouldn't be able to provide homes, restore health, and reclaim lives to those most in need in our community. Keep reading  to learn more about why some of our board members give to Pathways.

"I support Pathways because the mission is critical to Philadelphia community. Their methods are effective. I'm happy to support this team's commitment to improving the lives of our communities most vulnerable.
-Kasandrah Garnes 

I support Pathways because the housing-first model has not only been shown as one of the most effective and inexpensive methods of addressing homelessness, but it's also the most ethical. I don't believe in the concept that someone needs to earn the right to have a home. Pathways allows me to be directly involved in making a better world.
-Jeff Gibbard


I support Pathways to Housing as it’s mission factors in the needs of the whole person. The organization has an overall driver of non-judgmental individual empowerment. Pathways embodies my belief of social responsibility in its mission, delivery model and outcomes. 
-Lisa Griffin


I support Pathways because I have been blessed to collaborate in housing some of my participants with Pathways. In doing so, I learned of the deep commitment of the organization. I believe that the greatest change can be made from within the system then from outside the system. I strive to be the change I seek.
-Pam Vasquez


I support Pathways because I firmly believe that all people should have access to safe and affordable housing. Your home should be your place of respite and healing. 
-Megan Gibson

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