Testimonial: Sheller PC Law Firm

Valerie Johnson
file cabinets waiting to be loaded into elevator

When we launched Good Haul, we knew that our first clients would likely be individuals and organizations that we had worked with before. And we were right! Steven and Sandy Sheller have been a long-time partners to Pathways to Housing PA; they were one of the first to fund the Philadelphia Furniture Bank, they sponsor our signature Furnished for Good event every year, and we are lucky to be able to check in with them regularly to discuss our community and how we're serving our participants. 

When they told us that they were moving the Sheller PC Law Firm offices, and needed support with transporting donations and other items they no longer needed, we were thrilled to set up a Good Haul appointment. Across two days, our team visited the old office to load up desks, chairs, file cabinets, office decor, and other items that needed a new home. We returned everything to our warehouse to sort into categories, and then donated all useable items to both the Philadelphia Furniture Bank and our nonprofit partners.

When we asked Geri, their office manager, about the experience, she told us "This is amazing. They did everything, I didn't have to do any of the heavy lifting, which was amazing. It made a huge difference." 

Thank you to the Sheller PC Law Firm for being one of our very first Good Haul clients! We wish you all the best in your new office space.

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two men moving a file cabinet

man moving a desk