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About Us

Good Haul is Philadelphia's only nonprofit junk removal service.

Good Haul

In summer 2022, we officially launched Good Haul, a social enterprise junk hauling business. For a flat fee of $1.80 per cubic foot, our customers can hire Good Haul for jobs as large as a commercial clean out or as small as a pick-up of furniture and other items, which Good Haul will donate back to the community. Our Good Haul staff will provide reliable, timely services that will ensure that the majority of the items we collect will be repurposed.

Good Haul works closely with the Philadelphia Furniture Bank, building a client base from existing PFB supporters and ensuring that useable furniture from clean outs and pick-ups are donated to PFB. Home goods, clothing, linens, and other useable goods are donated to several nonprofit partners across our community. Metal, technology, and other recyclables are recycled, so that only unsalvageable items end up in the dump. Revenue from Good Haul is reinvested in the Philadelphia Furniture Bank, which will support sustainability of operations so that we can continue to furnish homes for more than 1,200 families in our community each year.

Philadelphia Furniture Bank

Pathways to Housing PA has operated the Philadelphia Furniture Bank since 2014, and in that time, we have furnished more than 5,500 homes. Despite being a valuable, unduplicated resource to our community, PFB has grown so significantly since launching that we are proactively seeking more stable funding for operations through the launch of Good Haul.

PFB's growth and the launch of Good Haul means that:

  • More than $600,000 worth of furniture is already kept out of the dump each year through PFB; that number will only grow as a result of Good Haul's launch.
  • Good Haul will expand PFB's capacity to connect with many more donors to accept furniture donations that otherwise wouldn't be possible.
  • Good Haul will increase capacity for organizational partners to recycle, rather than trash, items beyond furniture.
  • Good Haul will fund PFB operations and allow PFB to serve more Philadelphians in need of Furniture.

Work First

As we grow, our Work First transitional employment program will expand to hire additional staff to support Good Haul in addition to those already working at PFB. We’re thrilled to be able to offer Work First positions that aren’t as labor intensive as those at PFB; we have a handful of office positions for staff to support scheduling, sorting items, and arranging logistics.