Looking at Overcrowded Homes

What is overcrowding? Strolling down the streets of Philadelphia, it is easy to pass by a row of houses and not see much of a difference from one to...

Incredible course

“This was an incredible course. I came in thinking I had a decent understanding of housing first, but quickly realize I still have a lot to learn. It...
drawing of housing as medication

If Housing Is a Health Care Issue, Should Medicaid Pay the Rent?

Living on the streets, Hanif Hightower learned which Philadelphia shelters were likely to have an open bed during the cold months or where he could...
group of volunteers at PFB

10+ Ways to Volunteer in Philly This Summer

Calling all volunteers! Looking for easy ways to give back to the Philadelphia community this summer? Here are 10 organizations that offer a range of...

Meet Maura

Maura is a Housing First Hero and a supporter of Pathways to Housing PA since 2019. Our Housing First model resonates with Maura because “people are...

May possibly save lives

"Course was informative, and I learned some new techniques. This course may possibly save lives."

Very valuable

“Great information, very valuable. The presenter was engaging and presented very well.”

Meet Ron

Ron is one of more than 550 participants that has been housed by Pathways to Housing PA, he was able to move into his home in November 2013. The very...

We Need Your Help to Fill the Emergency Pantry

On any given night, 6,000 people are experiencing homelessness in Philadelphia. Of those, nearly 1,000 are sleeping unsheltered. We believe that...

Truly exceptional

“This was a truly exceptional workshop. Thank you so very much! I appreciate the breadth of information and the intersectional context.”