I love fall. Fall means crisp colored leaves, hot chocolate, chai lattes, and wearing my favorite sweater again. I sleep in extra in the morning, and feel a deep envy of bears, who’ve budgeted time for a long winter sleep. The deeper towards winter it gets, the more comfortable I want to be.

Photo of someone who is homeless on the street.

Have you ever been in Philadelphia, encountered someone struggling with homelessness, and didn’t know what to do or say? I’ve been there. My trips to Philly over the years, whether it was with friends or family have introduced me to numerous people struggling with homelessness. I often have found myself asking “What’s the right thing to do?”, or “should I give money?”. It can feel awkward if you’re unsure of what to do.

Transitioning into housing is not an easy thing. It’s strange that it should be that way-it seems so simple: take a person without a home, and give them a home. Problem solved. But the reality is that human beings are creatures of process, and when our participants get into housing for the first time, things can be pretty tough for them.

This September, Pathways to Housing PA turns 7 years old, and we want to thank you!
Since our founding in 2008, you've given the chronically homeless folks of Philadelphia new homes to restart their lives and the necessary tools to thrive. During this time, your support has ended homelessness for more than 430 people in Philadelphia.
His goals for the future are to work hard to strengthen himself. “I want to volunteer. I want to go to new places. I want to exercise.”

Harry, 59, navigates the grocery store on his cane, picking out noodles, drinks and other items. He doesn’t make any choice quickly: He scrutinizes each item, looks at the nutritional listing and compares prices. Harry said making good choices is important to him, especially after living on the streets for decades. He defines being homeless as “deciding, making choices, right from wrong and how to find help.”

Harry is glad to have now made the choice to live in an apartment, supported by a team from Pathways to Housing PA.


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