Provide meals for participants in need

  • Participant standing in the doorway of his home

Food insecurity is an ongoing issue for our participants, many of whom are zero income. Before the global pandemic set in, Pennsylvania’s General Assistance program ended, which was a resource that many of our participants utilized. We work with people who have one or more disabilities who have also experienced chronic homelessness, and many of them depended on this program to make ends meet. The extra $200 each month helped ensure they didn’t have to choose between buying food and buying other necessities like soap and toothpaste.

Now, with the added stress the pandemic has placed on community resources, our emergency food pantry can't keep up with the demand. As a result, we've begun building and delivering 120+ meals per week to those in need, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Each breakfast and lunch bag will include an activity that the participant can do from home and a note of encouragement from our staff and supporters. 


Want to help?

We need you! There are several ways you can support us in building these meals for our participants: 

  • Donate products for the meals from this list

  • Donate prepared meal packages that follow these guidelines

  • Donate activities like coloring books, puzzles, crosswords, and other activities that participants can enjoy at home

  • Send us notes of encouragement to be included in the meal packages


Please call us at 215-390-1500 or email us to schedule your delivery, and let us know what and how much you are donating. If you are a group and would like to sign up for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly donation, or if you have a large donation that may require a pick-up, please contact us to talk through particulars.

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