Meet Eleanor

Pathways Team 3

Self confidence is a struggle for most of us. Appearance plays heavily into self esteem, and the desire to fit in and just look like everyone else is especially strong for folks who have had injuries that affect their appearance. Some turn to cosmetic surgery for a boost to their self esteem, though not everyone has the means or the opportunity to make that happen.
Eleanor, a participant on Team 3, was far too familiar with not feeling confident while out in public when she first joined Pathways. On numerous occasions, she expressed to our Team that she wanted to venture out into the community but feared that she would be made fun of because she lost one of her eyes. Knowing that appearance was a priority for Eleanor, we encouraged her to connect with an oculist to see what her options were. In early August of this year, Eleanor’s oculist provided her with a prosthetic eye. Since obtaining the prosthetic, she has been amazed at how natural her new eye looks. Although it did not restore her vision, the simple cosmetic procedure restored her self-esteem. 

An important piece of our mission is to help our participants reclaim their lives. We meet individuals where they are and walking beside as they achieve their goals. As you can probably guess, Eleanor now loves to go out into the community with members from her Pathways team. We're thrilled that she's found confidence and comfort in being a part of her community again.