What is the Philadelphia Furniture Bank?

Valerie Johnson
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In late 2014, Pathways to Housing PA opened the Philadelphia Furniture Bank (PFB) as a centralized resource for furniture for human service organizations from across Philadelphia.

Member agencies schedule appointments for their clients who then visit our showroom floor to choose their furniture to start fresh as they move out of homelessness. Each individual or family receives a full home’s worth of furniture, including brand new bedding. Since our launch nearly seven years ago, we’ve furnished more than 3,500 homes. 

Who do we serve?

The Philadelphia Furniture Bank is not open to the public. Only clients who have been referred to us by Member Agencies are eligible to come to our warehouse to select furniture, ensuring that furniture is distributed DIRECTLY to families and individuals most in need.

Membership in the Philadelphia Furniture Bank is open to agencies that serve clients who are living without and cannot afford the most basic home furnishings, including:

  • Individuals and families exiting homelessness
  • Victims of domestic violence
  • Young adults leaving foster care
  • Immigrant or refugee families 
  • Victims of personal and natural catastrophes
  • Furniture for children/families to facilitate reunification
  • Veterans and returning citizens
  • Those exiting emergency or transitional housing

You can see a full list of our member agencies here

Where does the furniture come from?

PFB relies on furniture donations from individuals and businesses in order to operate, from single items of furniture all the way through to large hotel or dormitory cleanouts. This donated furniture would  otherwise end up in landfills, and instead helps individuals and families transition from temporary to permanent housing. 

Interested in donating? Read more about the items we accept here, or complete this form to get started! 

How does the Philadelphia Furniture Bank impact our community?

PFB is an unduplicated resource in Philadelphia for social service agencies and our shared mission of ending homelessness. PFB allows people to move into their new homes faster, without having to wait until they’ve saved enough to furnish the home themselves, and to focus on healing, finding employment, strengthening their families, and rejoining their communities. We believe that no child should sleep on the floor, no family should be without a dining table to share a meal, and everyone should have a place to store treasured belongings and clothing. We know the need is great in Philadelphia, and PFB is committed to helping as many individuals and families as possible until everyone has a safe, and furnished, space to call home.