Results of Our First Participant Survey

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  • Participant survey results charts
 The results our first participant survey were very positive. Our sample size was 270 out of 450 participants; generally, the benchmark for the population of people that we serve is 65-70% participation, and we had 67.5% of our participants respond. Though there’s always room for improvement, the researchers tell us that this large sample size was quite a success for our first attempt.
The survey looked at three areas: satisfaction, impact, and staff relationships. We recorded and tracked overall results as well as results by demographic categories (gender, race, and sexual orientation). In general, we met or exceeded the benchmarks for nearly all of the 46 questions asked. There are a few key areas where we excel, and areas that we will concentrate on improving. 
The survey results are being shared with our staff and board of directors with an eye to those areas that require improvement. Our goal is to identify strategies and tactics to improve our service delivery across all teams. We look forward to conducting a satisfaction survey annually moving forward, so we can compare results year to year and continually improve our participants’ experience.

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