Introducing our Fiscal Year 2021 Annual Report & Financials

Christine Simiriglia
2021 AR

Despite the challenges we’ve faced throughout this fiscal year related to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we have continued to grow stronger as an agency and have maintained (and in some instances, increased) service levels as we continued to provide comprehensive supports to Pathways’ participants.

We are grateful for the opportunity to share our Annual Report with you, once again, to highlight our impact in fiscal year 2021.

Less than two years after its launch, Housing First University now has partnered with 61 different agencies, universities, and community groups and has trained 2,775 unique individuals in harm reduction, the Housing First model, and related topics. Team 9, which houses individuals with opioid use disorder, started at the onset of the pandemic and has a 90% housing retention rate at the conclusion of its first full year of operations. Our Center of Excellence OUD treatment program doubled in size because of increased need. In addition, we recently developed our Alumni Association, a next step for those participants who have been with our program long enough to find stability and who require a lower level of care or can live without continued case management services.

As always, none of the work that we do is possible without the ongoing support of our community. You provide the resources we need to be innovative and creative, going above and beyond when needs arise, and deliver the high-quality services that we are known for.
For this we are eternally grateful.

Thank you,
Christine Simiriglia, President & CEO, and Ira Richards, Esq. Board Chair