Thank You this Veterans Day

Dear Friends…

This November 11th we will pause and celebrate Veterans Day, and I just wanted to take a moment to really remember why.

25 million American veterans live among us today. We count more than 160 of our program participants among them. Each selflessly set aside his or her civilian life to protect ours.

Some served overseas, some at home. Many were wounded, both physically and with wounds that we may never see. Some lost their best friends and live with that trauma every single day. Many saw things that no human being should have to see and I pray, every day, that no one sees them again. Some came home and wish they hadn’t. Some came home and serve others. Many are active duty and continue to wear the uniform. One thing is for sure… the words “thank you” can never be enough.

To our brave staff members who have served our country - Naomi, Earl, Shamina, Javier, Charlie & Ken… please accept our “thank you” and know that the words mean so much more.

Christine Simiriglia, MS
Executive Director


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