Featured Work First Employee: Deziree

Philadelphia Furniture Bank
Deziree in the furniture bank pointing out furniture

If you've donated to the Philadelphia Furniture Bank or scheduled a pickup with Good Haul, you may have met some of our Work First employees. 

Pathways to Housing PA operates our Work First Program at the Philadelphia Furniture Bank. The program increases low-barrier job placement, both short and long-term while helping participants develop skills and increase income. We believe that complex issues like homelessness require creativity, innovation, and constant evolution to meet the needs of those affected, and the Work First program was developed specifically to support those exiting homelessness and/or who have struggled to find employment. 

The program is open to people who have experienced homelessness and are currently in rapid, transitional, or permanent supportive housing in our system and provides wage-paid work, job skills training, and other employment services in a supportive environment with three tiers: job readiness training, transitional employment, and assistance with employment.

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Meet Deziree, one of our current Work First employees!

Q: What’s your name and how long have you been in the Work First program? 
A: Deziree and I have been here for 5 months.

Q: What or who encouraged you to apply to the Work First program?
A: My Team Leader Hannah told me about the program and encouraged me to apply.

Q: What have you learned as part of your job at PFB/GH that will help in future positions? 
A: I have learned to ask questions when needed and respect my team members.

Q: How is working in the warehouse and on the truck? Do you prefer one, if so, why?
A: I enjoy working in the warehouse because I get to meet new people, socialize with the clients and case manager, and help pick out the furniture for their new home. I also enjoy working on the truck because I get to work more closely with my peers. 

Q: What kind of work would you like to do after exiting the Work First program?
A: I would like to work in a warehouse setting after the program.

Q: Can you share with us your favorite part of the job?
A: Being with my coworkers. They make me look forward to coming to work, I love the team here.

Q: Do you have any advice for anyone considering or just starting the Work First program?
A: I would tell them to put their best foot forward.

Q: Anything else to add about you, PFB, Good Haul, or the Work First program?
A: The Work First program is awesome, it is helping me get back on track for my future career. I love everyone at the Furniture Bank.

Are you or someone you know interested in applying to our Work First program?

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