Paint splatter and chair affair logo in red blue and green. "Meet our 2021 Artists"
One of our favorite parts of the Chair Affair is reviewing the artists who apply to participate. This year we had an...
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Three artists

Meet Our Artists Part One

Every week until the big night, we will be featuring a small group of artists creating pieces for the 2020 Chair Affair. This year we are working with...
Introducing the 2020 Chair Affair Artists

Introducing the 2020 Chair Affair Artists

We are so happy to announce the local artists who will be creating original works of art to be auctioned at the 2020 Chair Affair, benefiting the...
Two men looking at a clipboard

Furnishing a Future

Furnishing a Future’s training program allows students the opportunity to learn a trade while providing beautiful, handmade tables, and dressers to...

Metro Philadelphia: OHS welcomes PIT Count and new funding

OHS welcomes PIT Count and new funding
man walking past tents under an overpass

OHS welcomes PIT Count and new funding

Volunteers and officials gathered Wednesday night for the annual Point-in-Time (PIT) Count. Folks traveled from all of Philly’s zip codes to tally and...
unlocking a door

Real Estate Development Consultant Request for Proposal

Pathways is seeking a Real Estate Development Consultant to support two upcoming projects. Proposals are due on Friday, February 14, 2020 and the full...
Cliff in his car

How They've Chosen to Reclaim Their Lives

At Pathways to Housing PA, we are committed to helping people reclaim their lives on their own terms. To do this, we help our program participants to...
drawings of the 12 zodiac signs

Astrological philanthrophy? Let’s talk zodiac sun signs and giving in 2020

Cancers are the homebodies of the zodiac. They are known to create warm, welcoming homes, and are famed for their gift of hospitality. It is hard to...
Two people walking away from the camera

Housing First as a Means of Social Justice

As we enter 2020, it’s no longer a surprise that federal, state, and local policies and programs have systematically disadvantaged people because of...
man in front of a window

Pathways selected by The Center for High Impact Philanthropy

Donor funds, when supporting the right efforts, can transform people’s lives and communities. The issues we focus on in this year’s High Impact Giving...