You Welcomed Joseph Home!

  • joseph
    Joseph holds the keys to the first apartment he's had in 20 years!

To say that Joseph had a hard life would be an understatement. After living outside on the streets for 20 years, his struggles were many. Combine that with substance abuse challenges and having one of his legs amputated, he truly is a survivor. Despite hard times, he never gave up and, thanks to you, Joseph has a place to call home. After moving off the streets and into his apartment, we sat down to ask him about his journey.


How long were you homeless?

I was homeless for 20 years.


Where did you sleep?

I was sleeping behind a dumpster in Center City, Philadelphia.


When did you move into your apartment?

On May 22, 2015, I got to get off the streets and moved into my very own apartment.


What does this apartment mean to you?

Having an apartment means safety and being able to sleep at night.


What are you most excited about now that you have your own place?

I'm most excited to be able to cook. I like to cook and, of course, eat.


If you could say one thing to the community members who helped you leave homelessness, what would you say?

I'm so grateful for this apartment.


We can't thank you enough for bringing Joseph home, but tonight more than 629 people will sleep on the streets of Philadelphia. Help welcome them home, too, by giving a gift today.

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