Volunteer Spotlight

Yesenia Cano

In 2014, we launched the Philadelphia Furniture Bank (PFB) to meet the growing need of furniture for people moving out of homelessness. The Philadelphia Furniture Bank relies heavily on volunteers year-round to serve hundreds of individuals and families each year. Their efforts help people exiting homelessness to choose furniture that will turn their new house into a home. 

Amelia Denney is one of our most recent volunteers that joined us in the Spring and has volunteered several times since then. Read about her experience here:  

Question: What are some of your volunteer experiences at PFB? What are some of the tasks you have done?
Amelia: I was a Personal Shopper and when there weren't any visits, I moved furniture as well as organized the workshop. 

Q: Why did you choose to volunteer at PFB? 
A: I love the concept and execution that is addressing such a crucial need in Philadelphia and in all cities. I enjoy helping people personalize their spaces, completing physical labor for important causes, and combating homelessness on a slightly more systemic level. 

As a personal shopper, Amelia made our clients feel at home via her enthusiasm and welcoming personality. We also very much appreciated her organizational skills – she took the initiative to organize a lot of hardware so that it can be used for future repairs.

To volunteer at the Philadelphia Furniture Bank, our volunteer application is featured on our website here