Thank You REGO Delivery


Every year the Philadelphia Furniture Bank is expanding its' capacity and how many families are served. This past year was no different and already this year we are on track for providing furniture to over 1,000 households. The difference this year has been that not only is the Philadelphia Furniture Bank experiencing an increased need for dressers but also a disruption in our normal furniture donation supply due to the COVID19 Pandemic.

We have been working hard within our own network to get the request for dressers out there and a delivery partner REGO Delivery decided to go the extra mile to not only reach out to their own network but also provide free pickups for anyone looking to donate a dresser. This dresser drive was held for one week in honor of and appreciation of everything that social workers do. Within that one week, Joshua and NAME from REGO were able to pick up 17 donated dressers. Each one of those dressers found a home quickly and we're so appreciative of REGO working to get them for us and for those who decided to donate them. Thank you REGO!