Participants Launch Peer Led Support Group to Ease Others' Transitions

  • participant advisory support group
“We should be looking out for other people who are in the same place we were. Coming into housing was real good but there were some real hard things about it too.” A group of Pathways to Housing PA participants who have been housed for many years have been meeting with staff to help launch a new support group for people moving into housing and settling into life away from the streets.
The support group will be peer led and is focused on the concept of “Recovery from Homelessness.” When asked what that means, the participant advisory group of about 8 individuals described the group as a way for people in housing to support others who are still getting used to being inside. They shared that sorting through all the overwhelming feelings that might come in the transition to housing can be tough without others who know what it is like to back you up.
Ken Wilson, Certified Peer Specialist, has been working with the Participant Advisory Group to craft the upcoming project. “Participants have been eager to invite others in but we’ve also wanted to be careful about not making this your standard 12-step support group.”
Matt Tice, Practice Clinical Director, noted that this group is entirely unique at a national scale. “This is an exciting opportunity to highlight participant’s innovation in peer-led social and community support.” Their hope is to help launch the weekly support group on site this fall.


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