Getting Vaccinated, One Step Closer to Post Pandemic

Valerie Johnson
People holding "I'm vaccinated" signs

Many Pathways participants have serious, chronic, and untreated medical issues that have been neglected for years and require significant healthcare coordination. Pathways’ Integrated Care Clinic was formally launched in 2016  to ensure our participants have access to a person-centered approach that emphasizes recovery, wellness, trauma-informed care, and the integration of physical and behavioral health care. Pathways, in partnership with Thomas Jefferson University Department of Family and Community Medicine, and Project H.O.M.E.’s Stephen Klein Wellness Center, provides a comprehensive array of services to improve access to physical and behavioral health services. We offer primary medical care, psychiatric services, behavioral health services, nurse care management, peer-led outreach, care coordination, and assistance with applying for health insurance benefits. 

Of course, right now the biggest need for our participants is access to COVID-19 testing and vaccinations. We've offered testing to our participants as often as required since early on in the pandemic, and recently have taken a big step by coordinating vaccinations for our participants who are eligible. 

Our vaccination clinic has vaccinated over 198 participants so far in partnership with the Stephen Klein Wellness Center. We're grateful to see continued interest from participants in receiving the vaccine, and to have the resources available to ensure that they have access - especially given the difficulty that some folks are experiencing in receiving vaccinations. 

When asked why they got vaccinated, the responses varied: 

I got vaccinated against COVID because... 

... I don't want to catch COVID.

... Something they are offering.

... Cause it's necessary!

... It was necessary and I want to be here for my grandkids.

... Not to get sick. 

... I heard it helps and heals.

... To stay alive.

... I want to live.

Our staff is also in the process of being vaccinated so that we can continue to provide direct services as safely as possible to our participants. We hope to continue to provide vaccinations as needed for our participants in the coming weeks!