Meet Our Artists Part Three

  • Chair affair artists

Every week until the big night, we will be featuring a small group of artists creating pieces for the 2020 Chair Affair. This year we are working with 20 local artists selected by our Guest Curator who all work with different mediums, have diverse styles, and bring a new perspectives through their artwork. This week we are featuring Jerry Puryear, Heather Charles, and Jalina Evans.

Jerry Puryear

Jerry Puryear was born in Arlington, Virginia and fell in love with art early in his life because his father too was an artist. Art and education are two of Jerry’s greatest passions in life. This lead him to St. Joseph’s University where he majored in Fine Arts and Education. Through art he strives to document and incorporate his own personal experiences, to capture principles and concepts concerning life. Jerry shares the gift of art by marrying the technical skills that he acquired during his educational studies as well as his 15+ years as the Resident Artist for the Fine Art Through Our Eyes (FATOE) program teaching art throughout the community of Philadelphia. As Jerry teaches and pours into his students from various walks of life, young or old, sick or healthy, he is not only inspired by the artistic advancements of those that he serves but the emotional and even mental breakthroughs that unfold.
Jerry has an extensive collection of works that expands into a variety of art genres from portraits, landscapes, to abstracts and every piece is truly mixed media and often times incorporates found objects. His message is deeply rooted in Christianity, themes and symbols are ever present with an emphasis on color psychology.


Heather Charles

Heather Charles is a multidisciplinary artist based out of the Tri-State area. She has a background in fine arts and an associates degree from Northampton Community College. Currently, you can find her either photographing her local surroundings or creating sculptures made from acrylics. Heather enjoys opportunities to share her talents with the community and finding ways to give back.

Jalina Evans

Jalina's artwork highlights transformation and growth of the human experience. Her art is abstract in detail and tells a story that one can connect with. She started sketching early on in childhood and realized that she had a gift given to her from God. In 2001 she received her BA in Film and Media Arts from Temple University. Jalina uses her creative talents for healing and it has now become her life's work. Even though she started out sketching, acrylic and canvas are the mediums that she uses to create now. She loves to use bright colors and the human body form to create messages laced with surrealism in which her audiences can appreciate. 

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