Introducing the 2020 Chair Affair Artists

  • Introducing the 2020 Chair Affair Artists
This year we had a record number of artists apply to be a part of the Chair Affair. Our guest curator, Damon Reaves with the Philadelphia Museum of Art, had a difficult time selecting which artists to invite to be a part of this experience.
All of the artists selected have such unique and different styles as well as diverse forms and mediums of art. Recently, this year's artists gathered at the Philadelphia Furniture Bank to select the furniture that they're going to transform for the event. While they were there, the artists were able to pull inspiration from the very place that helps to create a home for people who are leaving crisis situations. We're very excited to see their work progress over the upcoming weeks!
Meet our artists:

(Above) Our Pathways to Housing PA participant artist, Dianna

(Above, left to right) Emily Taylor Rogers, Wit Lopez, Andréa Grasso


(Above, left to right) Nicole from Glenna Stone Interior Design, Diane Pieri, Anthony Johnson


(Above, left to right) Jerry Puryear, Heather Charles, Jalina Evans


(Above, left to right) Lea Saccomanno, Christian Rodriguez, Kate Shooltz


(Above, left to right) Rashidah Salam, Lisa Kelley, Lawren Alice


(Above, left to right) Theo Ciccarelli Cornetta, Saga Moor, Students of St. Augustine Academy


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