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12/11/2020 BillyPenn As shutdown deadline looms, 175 residents in Philly’s COVID prevention sites still need permanent housing
11/25/2020 Philadelphia Weekly World AIDS Day 2020
11/16/2020 The National Alliance to End Homelessness Meeting the Needs of People Experiencing Homelessness in the Time of COVID-19
11/4/2020 Authority Magazine Heroes of the Homelessness Crisis
10/22/2020 Authority Magazine Heroes of the Addiction Crisis
10/14/2020 The Review The surreal and the forgotten: Visiting the homeless encampment in Philadelphia
10/2/2020 The Best Schools Career Advice for Social Work Students
9/14/2020 The Philadelphia Inquirer Disabled Veterans Aren't an Eyesore
5/27/2020 Swim Swam Former SMC Swimmer Hillary Miller Continues Humanitarian Work in Philadelphia
5/13/2020 6ABC HOMETOWN HEROES: Philadelphia outreach worker, nurse practitioner risk health to help homeless
5/8/2020 The Philadelphia Inquirer Philly should create a jails-to-housing pipeline to mitigate impact of coronavirus
3/16/2020 Generocity The opportunity for kindness in the wake of COVID-19
1/23/2020 Metro: Philadelphia OHS welcomes PIT Count and new funding
1/1/2020 Generocity Astrological philanthrophy? Let’s talk zodiac sun signs and giving in 2020
12/3/2019 Center for High Impact Philanthropy - University of Pennsylvania

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10/29/2019 The Addictive Podcast Pathways To Housing PA by The Addictive Podcast
10/11/2019 Generocity Council of Economic Advisers Proposed Solutions to Homelessness Will Actively Harm People
9/25/2019 Generocity Power Moves: Xavior Robinson becomes COO of Pathways to Housing PA
9/11/2019 The Philadelphia Inquirer Harm reduction saves lives now and in the future | Opinion
9/11/2019 Philadelphia Magazine After Going to Jail on a Narcotics Charge, This Addiction Recovery Advocate Believes Everyone Deserves Support
6/28/2019 Generocity What does ‘Housing First’ mean? We ask Pathways to Housing PA to explain.
6/25/2019 The Philadelphia Inquirer Eight months after Kensington’s disaster declaration, progress is tempered by the realities of the opioid crisis.
6/11/2019 Philadelphia Weekly OPINION: Councilwoman, consider alternatives when examining “high cost” of housing programs
5/30/2019 The Digital Enterprise Interview with Javier A. Aguero, IT and MIS Director at Pathways to Housing PA
5/14/2019 Filter Magazine How Technology Is Rapidly Advancing Overdose-Resistant Bathrooms
5/14/2019 Philly Voice Independence recognizes outstanding nurses
4/25/2019 Philadelphia Style Magazine The 3rd Annual Chair Affair
4/5/2019 Generocity Don’t underestimate the importance of furniture
4/1/2019 Philly CAM PhillyCAM Voices April Live Stream 
1/30/2019 Kensington Voice This organization has an 85% housing retention rate
1/29/2019 Generocity NKCDC is incorporating trauma-informed practices into its community development work
1/24/2019 Billy Penn Here's everything Philly loses if the government shutdown keeps going
1/18/2019 Generocity For Philly's vulnerable, the government shutdown trickles down to tragedy
12/17/2018 Philadelphia Inquirer Where are they now? After their profiles ran in the Inquirer, Philadelphians in recovery share their stories
10/23/2018 Philadelphia Weekly City has told the last of those living under kensington bridges that time is up. So what's next for the ones surviving in this community?
9/27/2018 Billy Penn Why 150 Philly leaders are spending the weekend in Seattle
9/19/2018 People in the news
8/29/2018 Foothold Technology Matt Tice, Pathways to Housing PA- Voices of Supportive Housing
7/16/2018 WIFT  
No-strings-atached housing gives stability to recovering addicts
7/7/2018 Penn Live For people in recovery, program offers home of their own
6/26/2018 Inquirer She was just out of Rehab
6/21/2018 Generocity Why Love City Brewing named a beer after Pathways to Housing PA
6/6/2018 Samhsa June 2018: Taking an Opioid Crisis: Aligning Federal, State, and Local Responses
5/29/2018 Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia clears its heroin camps this week. This housing program could be a key
4/23/2018 WHYY Amid Pa. opioid disaster, lacking ID still a barrier to treatment
4/11/2018 Penn Today Furniture Bundle for those who need it most 
4/3/2018 Republican Herald Mother tells daughter’s struggle with addiction in hopes of helping others
3/30/2018 NBC10 Philadelphia Chair Affair
3/29/2018 PlanPhilly In Philly, Hud Secretary Ben Carson finds evidence that "Housing First" works
03/21/2018 Billy Penn DIY livestream gives Kensington users a voice at opioid community forum
02/06/2018 U.S. Catholic Faith in Real Life A Crucial First Step to Ending Chronic Homelessness
02/15/2018 Generocity Meet 3 of Generocity's First Members    
01/03/2018 National Alliance to End Homelessness Using a Scattered Site Housing First Model to Combat the Opioid Epidemic
11/25/2017 Philadelphia Magazine 32 Ways to Be Good  in Philly
10/03/2017 WHYY Housing comes first at Philly program for homesless heroin users
9/29/2017 In Philly, finding a place
8/24/2017 USICH Using Landlord Engagement
8/1/2017 Newsworks Conrail begins clearing out heroin encampment
7/31/2017 Lights, camera, cleanup
7/24/2017 Philadelphia Magazine Best of Philadelphia -Good Samaritan
7/13/2017 WGALTV8 How 1 man overcame homelessness, addiction Pt 2
7/12/2017 WGALTV8 PA prgram tackles homelessness and addiction Pt 1
5/21/2017 WOGL-98.1FM

Remarkable Women Series- By Marilyn Russell


Billy Penn

This Progressive Housing group is getting housing for heroin addicts
4/6/2017 Non-Profit Pro Tips for Maximizing Philanthropic Impact Year Round
3/31/2017 CBS-PHILLY Artists Transform Chairs to Raise Money for People in need of Housing
3/10/2017 The Philadelphia Citizen Furnishing Lives
1/17/2017 Philadelphia Inquirer Ubinas: What if we found home for drug addicts?

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