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Believe it or not, we’ve managed to make it through another pandemic year. While 2020 was no one’s favorite year, 2021 came in like a lion and is leaving in much the same way. The stress and fatigue carried over from last year, and hasn’t fully dissipated yet. Through it all, our participants have kept us going; they’re still achieving their goals with smiles on their faces despite the challenges that have been thrown their way. David is one such participant.

David has been a source of joy for his team since he joined Pathways in 2014. After living through years of instability as a young adult, he eventually experienced chronic homelessness in Philadelphia. With the support and opportunities provided by Pathways, David has been stably housed in the same home for more than 7 years. When asked about what it feels like, David said "I wasn't used to having a place of my own, that I could call home. I call this place my home."

Having a safe place to call home gave David the agency and confidence to reclaim his life. "I feel good to have a key and be able to come back and forth. I feel like I can do anything I want to do, I can make up my mind up, you know? I can keep on going and I feel like I can get better because of Pathways. I can keep on doing the right thing now."

Housing stability isn't the only thing that has changed in David's life since becoming a program participant. He's also been able to restore his health, build a community for himself, and ultimately reclaim his life.

As a result of having access to healthcare, David was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. His treatment plan was aggressive, and included early, lengthy, daily appointments for more than three months. His Pathways team supported him with scheduling appointments, planning transportation to and from his appointments, and more. After 100 treatments, David was able to ring the bell in his treatment center, signifying the end of his treatment and celebrating his accomplishment.

With daily appointments behind him, David was able to really focus on himself and building his community. He was one of the earliest members of our Restaurant Club, which is a monthly opportunity for participants to explore new cuisines while building relationships with one another. The first time David had ever eaten a taco was during one of the Restaurant Club outings. His response? “It’s alright.”

Whenever there is a new opportunity to explore or take on new experiences, David will most certainly be there. Whether it is taking a trip to Washington DC, visiting the circus, or spending time with friends while working in a community garden, we know we can count on David to be there with a smile.

We strive to help our participants live in their community and to be valued just like everyone else. Our staff walk alongside participants, wherever they are on their path of life, and support them in the places where they want support. Ultimately, we want to empower participants to make their own decisions. Pathways is proud of the work being done by David and we look to him as an inspiration, as we do with our other 550 program participants.

Though David has found stability in his new home, there are still more than nearly 1,000 people living unsheltered on the streets of Philadelphia with nowhere to turn.

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