Our Partners

The Philadelphia Furniture Bank (PFB) is a collaborative effort supported by nonprofits, government, foundations, and corporate/business partners. Working creatively together, with help from our community, we CAN solve the problem of homelessness, and you can be part of that solution.

Businesses and Funders: Partner with PFB.

PFB's program model is based on successful furniture banks throughout the country. We welcome technical assistance, financial and in-kind support and volunteer assistance from businesses and foundations interested in helping individuals and families transition from homelessness to safe and comfortable housing. At this time, we're especially interested in partnerng with:

  • Sources of bulk furniture donations, such as hotels, universities and institutions that are planning to dispose of usable furniture.
  • Commercial liquidators, thrift shops, and other businesses that recycle furnishings and household goods.
  • Craftsmen and businesses with expertise in furniture building and repair.
  • Realtors, interior decorators, and others whose customers may be interested in donating furniture when downsizing or redecorating.
  • Corporate community service programs or team volunteer efforts.
  • Monetary support to with operational and programming costs.
  • Neighborhood, Houses of Worship and other community groups who want to collect furniture donations and host furniture drives.

Homeless and Emergency Service Organizations: Become a Member Agency.

Register as a Member Agency to begin referring your clients to PFB. We provide a centralized source of no-cost furniture for clients who meet your program guidelines, saving your staff from the time-consuming and often expensive process of soliciting furniture from a variety of hit-or-miss sources every time one of your clients moves into permanent housing.