Bridge of Hope Annual Conference

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Workshop: Eviction Prevention Strategies

Date/Time: Fri October 6, 10:35-11:35 AM ET

Presenter: John Lambert, MA – Director of Housing

Congratulations, you got your client housed! Now, how do you keep them there? The Housing First model was initially developed to serve the individuals in our communities with some of the greatest barriers to success—chronic homelessness, serious and persistent mental illness, substance use disorders, and other disabilities. We know that programs maintaining a high fidelity Housing First practice typically report a housing retention rate of between 85-90%, but this work is not without its challenges. Unwanted guests, noise disturbances, damages, clutter, and unsanitary conditions are just some of the issues property managers, clinicians, and other support professionals contend with in supporting their clients to maintain successful tenancy. In this session, we’ll discuss setting expectations, communication, harm reduction in supportive housing, and strategies for addressing common tenancy challenges. Landlords, program participants, and support staff all share a common goal—keeping people housed! Join us to learn how to preserve your landlord relationships while supporting participant needs and preventing eviction.