Our work in Mecklenburg County, NC

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In April 2023, Housing First University staff traveled to Mecklenburg County, North Carolina to provide two days of in-person immersive training for a group of nearly 100 homeless services providers. Director of Training & Technical Assistance, Andrew Spiers, and Training Specialist, Khalil Martin, received great feedback, including comments such as:

“Khalil Martin and Andrew Spiers are so very knowledgeable and easy to follow!”
“I really enjoyed this course and looking forward to incorporating some practices into my daily scope.”
“Knowledgeable and insightful training regarding Housing First model.”

The live trainings laid the groundwork for a 12-week virtual training series, featuring 11 different Pathways’ direct service staff members, covering topics such as:

  • Landlord Engagement Strategies
  • Assertive Engagement
  • Community Inclusion in Homelessness Recovery
  • Using the Team Approach in Case Management
  • Integrated Care & Housing First
  • Crisis Intervention & De-escalation
  • Home Visits: Why & How to Do Them
  • Understanding Racial Disparities in Homelessness
  • Uncovering Implicit Bias
  • Culturally Responsive Services
  • The Peer Role in Our Service System
  • Applied Housing First & Harm Reduction Strategies

Last week, Andrew spoke with Mecklenburg County’s HMIS Senior Management Analyst, Mary Ann Priester, about the Housing First model, Pathways to Housing PA’s successes, and outcome expectations for the training series collaboration.

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