To celebrate the launch of Housing First University, our trainers facilitated five free “Coffee Break Webinars” over the course of three weeks in January and February 2020. Click through below to watch the recordings and access the associated “tip sheets.” 

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Housing First

Adapting & Responding to COVID-19: Lessons Learned​ Click here to watch now!

Presenters: Christine Simiriglia, CEO & Xavior Robinson, COO
Wednesday, June 10, 2020 12:00- 1:00 pm est


Like all other social service agencies, Pathways to Housing PA has been presented with a number challenges and opportunities during this time of physical distancing, signaling the need for innovation in our communication and service delivery. In this session, Pathways’ President and CEO, Christine Simiriglia, and Chief Operating Officer, Xavior Robinson, will discuss the organization’s response to COVID-19 and lessons learned in the midst of a developing pandemic. Attendees will hear about the ways in which Pathways’ has harnessed new technology to provide continued support to our program participants, as well as strategies for supporting our staff in staying safe and healthy. Ample time will be allotted for Q&A.

This webinar is best suited for C-suite executives, program directors, and managers implementing agency protocol and adapting to emerging issues in organizations serving individuals managing psychiatric disabilities and substance use disorders, as well as those experiencing homelessness.​

Christine Simiriglia, MA (President & Chief Executive Officer), established Pathways to Housing PA in Philadelphia in 2008 and launched the Philadelphia Furniture Bank in 2014, providing furnishings to individuals and families moving out of homelessness. In 2016, Pathways became the first Housing First program to use a scattered site/harm reduction model to work with people who are street homeless with a substance use disorder, primarily opioids. That same year, Pathways established a medication-assisted treatment program, in house, to fill a treatment gap made larger by the opioid epidemic. In 2017, Pathways developed a Housing First Training Program for agencies and communities looking to use the model. Pathways believes that the best trainers are practitioners and that they can answer questions that no one else can. That training has grown into Housing First University. Chris has spent the last decade traveling throughout the US speaking at conferences and symposiums and providing technical assistance to organizations and communities struggling to establish Housing First programs. She believes that great outcomes are achievable for everyone if providers offer choice, kindness and opportunity to the people they serve.

Xavior Robinson, MHA (Chief Operating Officer), joined Pathways to Housing PA as COO in September of 2019. In this capacity, he provides operational oversight and strategic support for our programs and service lines. Prior to joining Pathways, Xavior worked as a Senior Consultant at Health Management Associates (HMA). In this capacity he advised managed care organizations, federal and state public health agencies, life sciences corporations, and providers on opportunities to optimize services integration and sustainability for populations affected by mental health conditions, substance use disorders, HIV, and Hepatitis C. Prior to HMA, Xavior provided training and technical assistance to stakeholders at the nexus of public and behavioral health, community engagement, and financing at the National Council for Behavioral Health and the National Alliance State and Territorial AIDS Directors. Xavior holds a Master of Health Services Administration from The George Washington University.

Recovering from Homelessness Click here to watch now!

Presenters: Rob Wetherington, MA & Kenneth Wilson, CPS
Aired on Thursday, January 30th at 1:30 pm est
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Homelessness ends once a person is housed, but the hardest work is in helping folks reclaim their lives. By slowly building trusting relationships and fostering meaningful connection, Pathways to Housing PA staff encourage our program participants to take an active role in their treatment. In this webinar, long-time Pathways staff members will discuss how they have partnered with participants to envision a new life, develop goals that match this vision, and support individuals in achieving personal milestones.
This webinar is best suited for those working directly with individuals who have previously or are currently experiencing homelessness— including case managers, behavioral health professionals, peer specialists, outreach workers, and/or supervisors of such workers. 
Rob Wetherington, MA joined Pathways to Housing PA in 2012 to develop art programming to foster connections between staff and participants. Having spent more than fifteen years in homeless services both as an employee and volunteer, Rob’s emphasis has been to help people re-imagine their lives through the arts, peer support, and clinical services. Rob has helped to build the Community Inclusion and Advocacy Department at Pathways, which acts as a conduit to community resources and strives to support participants living in the community like everyone else. Partnering with the clinical teams, the department assesses activities participants want to explore and bridges participants to the community. Rob earned a BFA in Art Education from Old Dominion University and an MA in Urban Studies at Eastern University.
Kenneth Wilson is a Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) and Disabled Veteran who has worked with dually diagnosed participants for over six years. Ken began working at Pathways to Housing PA in May of 2013. As a Certified Peer Specialist, he provides peer support, serves as an advocate, and promotes participant community integration.

Harm Reduction

After Recurrence of Use: Harm Reduction and the Therapeutic Alliance Click here to watch now!

Presenters: Jeffrey Jackson, MA & Matt Tice, LCSW
Aired on Thursday, February 6th at 12:00 pm est
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From a safety perspective, workers practicing harm reduction based-care need to encourage open, nonjudgmental dialogue with individuals navigating substance use. In this session, experts will share concrete strategies for fostering and encouraging a therapeutic alliance that collaboratively defines a path following a recurrence of use.   
This webinar is best suited for those working directly with individuals managing substance use— including behavioral health professionals, case managers, peer specialists, and/or supervisors of such workers. 
Jeffrey Jackson joined Pathways to Housing PA in April 2017 as an Assistant Team Leader. After helping to establish best practices for the agency’s first clinical team dedicated to serving individuals with opioid use disorder (OUD), Jeffrey became a Team Leader and has been a vital asset in expanding Pathways’ OUD clinical services. Jeffrey has over 20 years of clinical and supervisory experience in the behavioral health field. He received his Master of Arts from Alvernia University in 2005, where he concentrated in Counseling and Addiction Studies. Jeffrey is passionate about fair affordable housing, ending homelessness, HIV & its cure, and advocating for the dignity and respect of all human beings.

Since 2012, Matt Tice has held the role of Assistant Team Leader, Team Leader, and Clinical Director at Pathways to Housing PA, and now serves as the agency’s first Behavioral Health Therapist, working in conjunction with the Integrated Care team. Spending face-to-face time with participants and staff at multiple levels every day informs his constantly evolving practice. Matt is a passionate champion for the models of Housing First, harm reduction, and holistic integrated care. His ultimate goal is to join together with the amazing partners, advocates, fighters, and survivors across the city for the eradication of homelessness in Philadelphia. Matt provides webinars for both national and local providers as well as smaller community groups, faith-based groups, and social service agencies.

Services for Sex Workers and Harm Reduction Principles Click here to watch now!

Presenter: Jocelyn Bookman, MSW & Christina Jackson, RN
Aired on Friday, February 14th at 1:00 pm est
Click here for Harm Reduction and Sex Work Resources

This webinar will review the ways in which harm reduction, as an ideology, aligns with service provision for individuals engaging in sex work or transactional sex—a historically marginalized population. Attendees will explore how to challenge stigmas around sex work and discover ways to mitigate the harms associated with it.
This webinar is best suited for those working directly with individuals who have previously or are currently engaged in sex work— including case managers, behavioral health professionals, peer specialists, outreach workers, nurses, healthcare professionals, and/or supervisors of such workers. 

Jocelyn received her MSW from the University of Pennsylvania in 2017. While there, she completed research on behalf of the needle exchange program, Intercambios Puerto Rico, to expand and improve their services for sex workers in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Prior to her role as Assistant Team Leader at Pathways to Housing PA, Jocelyn worked in San Diego as an outpatient therapist, where she increased her firsthand experience providing counseling to sex workers and people with severe and persistent mental illness. Jocelyn is an advocate for the decriminalization of sex work and is passionate about harm reduction practice.
Christina Jackson, RN, is a Nurse/Service Coordinator at Pathways to Housing PA, working with people who have a history of homelessness and collaborating with them to pursue their personal and health-oriented goals. She is passionate about providing empathetic service to her communities and advocating for people to move through life with agency. Christina has eight years of direct service with people working in the sex trade. In 2015, the New York Women’s Foundation awarded her with a grant for The Door: Center for Alternatives to provide services for young people impacted by the sex trade. Christina is a Registered Nurse with a BS in Nursing from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA double majoring in Japanese and Comparative Studies, with a focus on Ethnic & American Studies, from The Ohio State University.
Integrated Care

Strategies for Supporting Clients with Accessing Medical Care: A Person-Centered Approach Click here to watch now!

Presenter: Elana Sorrin, MSW

Aired on Tuesday, February 4th at 12:00 pm est
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This webinar will explore case management approaches to supporting individuals with chronic mental illness and/or substance use disorders in accessing and receiving comprehensive medical care. Topics covered include advocating for person-centered care in medical settings and discussing harm reduction with medical providers.
This webinar is best suited for those working directly with individuals managing complex medical needs or individuals who would benefit from advocacy in medical settings— including case managers, peer specialists, and/or supervisors of such workers. This webinar may also benefit nurses, physicians, and other medical professionals interested in harm reduction and cross-disciplinary collaboration.
Elana Sorrin has worked at Pathways to Housing PA since 2016, with much of her experience consisting of medical case management. She earned her Bachelors and Master’s degrees in Social Work from Temple University in 2016 and 2019 respectively. Elana is experienced in advocacy for culturally competent medical care on an individual scale and working within the team framework to holistically support medically fragile participants.

Medical Outreach: Tips for Healthcare Providers Working in the Community Click here to watch now!

Presenter: Kate Gleason-Bachman, RN
Aired on Wednesday, February 12th at 1:00 pm est
Click here for the Medical Outreach Tip Sheet

Attendees of this webinar will explore the purpose of medical outreach, how to conduct triage and care referrals, and the importance of relationship building and linking back to primary care.  
This webinar is best suited for nurses and health care providers in community settings caring for individuals managing psychiatric disabilities, substance use, and/or chronic medical conditions. This webinar may also benefit physicians, EMTs, first responders, healthcare clinic staff, case managers, outreach workers, or others interested in harm reduction and cross-disciplinary collaboration.
Kate Gleason-Bachman is a Philadelphia-based nurse that has worked in community health for the past twelve years.  Her nursing career has been focused on serving people experiencing homelessness and her current interest areas include substance use disorders, medication assisted treatment, food access and nutrition, and wound care. Kate’s team at Pathways to Housing PA specifically serves individuals with opioid use disorder.  She supports patients in the home and community with acute, chronic, and preventive health care needs and helps people experiencing opioid use disorder re-integrate into health care settings. Kate has a BA in Sociology from Bryn Mawr College and a Bachelor’s of Nursing from Columbia University.  She is currently pursuing a Master’s of Public Health at Temple University and will receive her degree in 2020.

“I think it would be so important for these presenters to come to my agency for case manager training. I don't think all medical case managers here are well-versed with harm reduction. I believe it should be mandatory for all new medical case managers to have training on harm reduction with substance use because that's probably one of the main reasons we lose people to care.” – “After Recurrence of Use: Harm Reduction and the Therapeutic Alliance” webinar attendee