Housing First Partners Conference


Housing First Partners Conference
April 20-21, 2021

Employment and Harm Reduction: Hurdles and Misconceptions Connecting Chronically Homeless People to Competitive Employment
April 20, 2021 - Time TBA
Pathways to Housing PA utilizes harm reduction and community inclusion practices to support program participants seeking competitive employment. When our participants share that they are contemplating entering the workforce, we explore options regardless of mental health or substance use recovery status under the umbrella of Employment First. Instead of requiring program participants to prove their ability to work, to adhere to mental health treatment or medication, or to document their substance use recovery, Pathways helps match individuals with employers that could be a good fit. Connecting with others is key to comprehensive and long-lasting recovery, and employment is an easy way to build these connections. Through use of survey results, data collection, and case studies, this session will show how competitive employment is not only an attainable goal for program participants, but can also have a positive impact on recovery.

Rob Wetherington, MA -- Director of Community Inclusion & Advocacy, Pathways to Housing PA
Maurice Nicholson -- Vocational Specialist, Pathways to Housing PA