Trainings We Offer

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Our Training and Technical Assistance services are offered by boots on the ground trainers who grapple with the same issues that you do every day. Housing First is much more than theory, and you deserve to learn from people who excel at its practice.

We offer assistance in in the following areas:

  • Housing First: what it is & what it isn't
  • Identifying and convening stakeholders & building political will
  • Identifying funding & maximizing Medicaid
  • Using the team approach
  • Home visits: why and how we do them
  • Procuring housing & building relationships with landlords
  • Practicing harm reduction in an abstinence focused system
  • The peer experience on Housing First teams
  • Integrated healthcare and Housing First


Housing First University trainers are available to work with you via:

  • Webinar
  • Video conference
  • On-demand training modules (coming soon!)
  • In-person site visits at your agency
Pathways to Housing PA is also happy to welcome visitors to our offices in Philadelphia. All visits are customized to fit your needs. 
All costs are time based. Please contact us to explore options that meet your needs and fit your budget.

Our Partners