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older woman with long white braids smiling at the camera

Since I got with Pathways, I have to listen to suggestions. I found that it’s started to work for me. I have a lot of people in my life right now. I got a whole lot of help going on for me right now.

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I really remember what happened. It was October 18th of this last year. I don’t know if I was walking across the street, or standing with a sign, I don’t know. I got hit by a car. But it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.


Renaldo “Cuba” Sanchez was referred to Pathways in January 2015, and it took four long years of building trust before he was ready to move into his new home.

Participant with table

Dave is a member of the Pathways' community. He now works part-time at the Philadelphia Furniture Bank (PFB) as part of Pathways' Transitional Supported Employment Program. He agreed to talk to Howard Pinder, PFB's Assistant Director, about his experiences. We believe that our stories are as important as our successes.

Q:  What is the story that connected you with Pathways?

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This week at the Philadelphia Furniture Bank we interviewed Manny, a Mission Year volunteer. Manny has been working at the furniture bank for seven months. Mission Year is a Christian volunteer program meant to provide a lifestyle led by faith, community, and service. This program provides services in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Houston and partners with local churches, non-profits, and activists trying to transform their communities. Before Manny's experience at the furniture bank comes to a close on July 27th, we sat down and asked him a few questions. 

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Heather smiles for the camera in her favorite chair.

I will never forget meeting Heather. It was my first time at the Philadelphia Furniture Bank as an intern of Pathways to Housing PA, and I was eager to see our work in action. As you may know, the furniture bank is an incredible organization by Pathways to Housing PA that allows low-income families to receive furniture for free. At Pathways, we work to house homeless Philadelphians, however we quickly learned that four walls do not make a home. A house without any furniture is not really a home at all. This is the story of Heather, and her journey in making her house a home.

Formerly Homeless Poet Shares Creative Writing Tip

Ebony Moon

by James Evans


Fields a’ Laughin’

Young man croons

stars a’ moanin’

‘Round that Ebony Moon


Lilacs smell

so sweet


In the midnight heat


Fireflies glow


A participant and staff member smile.

Art, Trauma, and Bumper Stickers


I love fall. Fall means crisp colored leaves, hot chocolate, chai lattes, and wearing my favorite sweater again. I sleep in extra in the morning, and feel a deep envy of bears, who’ve budgeted time for a long winter sleep. The deeper towards winter it gets, the more comfortable I want to be.


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