Reclaiming Lives

I want to introduce you to a courageous man. His name is Hulon Morris. He spent 20 years living on the streets, but some of his biggest challenges are happening now that he’s housed. Like many of our clients at Pathways to Housing PA, sometimes the hardest part about being homeless is picking your life up again once you get a place. 

This Valentines Day, four hair stylists with a passion for people made our participants feel and look great! Kay, Kaytie, Zoe and Wendy understand that a hair cut is about more than just trimming a few stray locks.

Poster advertising Peace and Noise Concert, showing  images of the three featured bands

What do rock music and ending homelessness have in common? They're both things that our friends Ben and Brianna are passionate about. Learn how they used their passion to move one person out of homelessness and into a home this January.


I’m standing in the middle of the Pathways to Housing PA (Pathways) common area, watching two men excitedly sharing stories, shaking hands and laughing. One is a Pathways participant who moments earlier was telling me how depressed and discouraged he was feeling. The other is my coworker, Ken Wilson, and there’s a reason his connection with this participant is so immediate and warm: he understands, in a way most of us never will, what the veteran in front of him has been through.

On Monday November 10th, four Pathways to Housing PA participants showed their creative works in the First Community Behavioral Health Art Show entitled The Art of Recovery. Our participants' works displayed with dozens of other artists' works ranging from paintings, poetry, drawings, and even some works presented on video. During the ceremony, one participant James read a portion of his poem, "Ebony Moon" (see below). He then thanked the audience of at least 100 people and further stressed how amazing it was to be included among the works. 
Two women standing together
"It's just so peaceful here," Diana told staff while walking along Forbidden Drive in the Wissahickon on Monday. "I feel like the air is so fresh and I can think without all the other distractions," she continued. Diana and Gloria joined staff on a twice monthly Community Integration outing to the Wissahickon Valley Park that are affectionately called Let's Get Active.
Participant sitting at a table
Participants gathered together

The Phillies Organization made a generous donation of tickets to Pathways' participants for their July 24th game against the San Francisco Giants.  The Phillies made the outing even more fun by beating the Giants 2 - 1. Everyone had a great time. GO PHILLIES!

Community Integration - gardening
About three months ago the Community Integration Department formed a partnership with Jessica Shoffner.  She graduated from Kansas State several years ago with a degree in Horticultural Therapy and has a community garden she has been tending in North Philadelphia for several years.  We connected with her to help facilitate our Garden Club and to give our participants an opportunity to get outside and interact with each other.  Being in the garden together allows participants to work, see growth, and experience positive change in a rough neighborhood.  


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