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Our Pathways Volunteer  Day for the month of August was as popular as ever.   We had a full list of participants, almost full to the capacity.  We sorted clothes, matched socks, paired shoes and put them on racks, moved clothing racks and did some routine maintenance such as sweeping and dusting here and there.   Our biggest task was moving stock from the top floor to the basement.  Everyone broke a sweat and no one seemed to mind!  

To see when the next Volunteer Day is held, check out the Events page.

"It's just so peaceful here," Diana told staff while walking along Forbidden Drive in the Wissahickon on Monday. "I feel like the air is so fresh and I can think without all the other distractions," she continued. Diana and Gloria joined staff on a twice monthly Community Integration outing to the Wissahickon Valley Park that are affectionately called Let's Get Active.
As one of the Community Integration Coordinators I help come up with new ways our participants can connect with people, groups, and services around the city. Some of these start with smaller groups to normalize or remove some of the mystery surrounding things that you or I take for granted. We play board games with participants in hopes that they’ll play with others on their own.  We take them bowling and encourage them to budget their money so they can go another time without us.

The Phillies Organization made a generous donation of tickets to Pathways' participants for their July 24th game against the San Francisco Giants.  The Phillies made the outing even more fun by beating the Giants 2 - 1. Everyone had a great time. GO PHILLIES!

It's a Friday and the weather isn't 'on fire' hot for once. The office is quiet, for now. I'm the second one here at 8am. Danggit. The Team 4 CPS beat me here. That's ok. We get started setting up the tables and wrapping them with plastic wrap. We set chairs up to hold the boxes of potato chips, granola bars, bags, and napkins. Then, another arrival, the ATL from Team 2, then another, a staff psychiatrist. Together, we start an assembly line of sandwiches. Lots of sandwiches. Ham, roast beef, and turkey on white and wheat, with and without cheese.
Community Integration - gardening
About three months ago the Community Integration Department formed a partnership with Jessica Shoffner.  She graduated from Kansas State several years ago with a degree in Horticultural Therapy and has a community garden she has been tending in North Philadelphia for several years.  We connected with her to help facilitate our Garden Club and to give our participants an opportunity to get outside and interact with each other.  Being in the garden together allows participants to work, see growth, and experience positive change in a rough neighborhood.
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