Donate to our Generosity Run and Help End Homelessness Today

  • Pathways to Housing PA Benefits Specialist Eliza smiles and shares a hug with Pathways participant Phillip.
    Eliza Ziegler (R) is running to support amazing participants like Phillip (L) as they reclaim their lives.
  • Using the housing first model Pathways to Housing PA the organization dramatically improves the lives of its participants.
    Support our teams at the Generosity Run to help more participants like Vernon (pictured above) settle into new homes.
  • Pathways to Housing PA Generosity team members get ready to run
    CEO Christine Simiriglia and Vice President of Housing Sandra Romeo join the Generosity Run 2016

Women’s running pioneer Kathrine Switzer once said, “Getting your shoes on is the hardest part of any workout.” Like preparing for a long run, sometimes the hardest part of tackling homelessness is taking the first step. This month, 21 dedicated Pathways staff members will put on their shoes and take the next step to end homelessness through the Philadelphia Generosity Run. Join us and support our teams- select any of our staff to take the next step in ending homelessness now.

On October 29th with the sun just peeking over the horizon our runners will meet at the Philadelphia Art Museum with teams from across the city. At 9 AM they will take off along the scenic Schuylkill River on a 3.1-mile course. Running in six teams with zany names like Rippin’ and Runnin’ and Furniture Fanatics, our teams will compete not only to run the race but also to raise funds to end homelessness with Pathways to Housing PA.

The Generosity Run began in 2005 as a way to pair healthy living with raising funds for important causes. All donations raised from Pathways’ six teams will support individuals with mental health challenges as they begin new lives indoors. Donate $10 to our teams and buy a meal and a hot cup of coffee for a new participant as they meet us for the first time and learn about our innovative housing model. Donate $25 to purchase a new set of towels for their first apartment. A gift of $50 fills their fridge with food and kick off their new life. For $150 you can furnish a whole new apartment with bedding, toiletries, and the tools for a fresh start.

While all of our staff are passionate about our work, each one brings a unique motivation to this run. “I believe that housing is a basic human right,” says Team Leader Megan Seitz. “To quote one of my participants, ‘Outside is not for humans. Outside is for animals. Inside is where we belong, doing the right things.’” For board member Brian Rodin, the motivation is “to help our most vulnerable reclaim their lives.” Director of Development Tracy Segal points to Pathways’ Team 7 for her inspiration, as they work to end homelessness for individuals with opioid addiction. Whatever their motivation and running prowess, our dedicated staff make a difference in ending homelessness through their work every day.

So, how about it? The need is great. The course is before us. Pull on your shoes, and take the next step in ending homelessness with us today.

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