Shop on Amazon Smile and Help End Homelessness

  • Amazon Smile and donors help Pathways to Housing PA move people out of homelessness.
    Vernon moved into his own apartment last year with help from people like you!

You hop on your computer and log into Amazon. Click. You pick out some cat food and a new pack of pens. Click. You complete checkout, and just like that, you’ve helped end homelessness in Philadelphia. And all it took was a few clicks.

Sound too easy? Here are three easy ways that you can partner with Amazon, and help end homelessness today.

1) Smile

 If you make Amazon purchases through the Amazon Smile campaign, Amazon will donate a portion of your spending on qualified items to Pathways. Visit, and search for Pathways to Housing PA. Every time you shop, Pathways will receive a donation of .5% of your purchase, at no extra cost to you. Click! It’s that easy.

2) Make a Wish

For every moment when you wanted to help someone living on the streets but didn’t know how,our Amazon Wishlist is a great way to make sure your money is making a difference. Visit our wishlist by clicking here and give a gift to someone who is homeless. Amazon will send your donations straight to us, and they will go to men and women who are moving off the streets and starting new lives.

3) Tell a Friend

Share this blog post with friends who care about ending homelessness, and encourage them to add Pathways to Housing PA as their Amazon Smile Charity. Since its creation in 2008, Pathways to Housing PA, together with partners like you, has moved more than 400 Philadelphians off the streets. Through many people giving a little bit, we can move the next 400 out of homelessness and into homes. Let’s get started today

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