Meet Raymond

Valerie Johnson
photo of Raymond

Raymond is a recent participant on Team 7 who has lived in Philadelphia all his life. What he loves most about Philadelphia is the people, as he has experienced the community caring for one another throughout his life. He most enjoys watching the news and sports, where his favorite sports are basketball, baseball, and soccer.  

Raymond says that his interactions with Team 7 have been excellent and that his team are great people. Raymond has some health concerns, including having had heart surgery done. Team 7 has supported Raymond with his health concerns and has helped schedule appointments at different centers to meet his needs.  

He is currently waiting for the process of being housed. Once Raymond feels like he’s stabilized, he’s hoping to start journaling. He hopes to write the history of people or the things that have impacted his life.  

Raymond believes Pathways is doing a good job at talking and helping people. Raymond feels Pathways "needs more to help more people because people are in trouble right now." He believes anyone who has the ability to support Pathways should do so because our program is a “pretty good thing” and “because we need more people like [Pathways].” He believes Philadelphia has changed because of the difficult times we are going through, and encourages all to support the people of Philadelphia.