Meet Our Artists Part One

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Every week until the big night, we will be featuring a small group of artists creating pieces for the 2020 Chair Affair. This year we are working with 20 local artists selected by our Guest Curator who all work with different mediums, have diverse styles, and bring a new perspectives through their artwork. This week we are featuring Emily Taylor Rogers, Wit López, and Andréa Grasso. Whether you join us at the Chair Affair in April, big on the items virtually, or just follow along on social media, keep an eye out for their pieces!

Emily Taylor Rogers

Person wit mirror 

The works of artist Emily Taylor Rogers have been exhibited across the United States. She has presented her works in art fairs such as Market Art + Design and Aqua Art Basel Miami. Emily earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Gwen Frostic School of Art at Western Michigan University. Emily’s work focuses on relationships, both internal and external. She challenges the viewer to confront modern society and the human condition, and seeks to illuminate the internal relationships humans hold within themselves and how this affects the relationships with their surroundings. Bestowed with consciousness, it is human responsibility to ourselves and the planet to reflect on human patterns and the power we hold.

Wit López

Described as a “one-person parade,” Wit López is a Brooklyn-raised, Philly-made, award-winning performance conjurer and pro-magicianatrix creating art out of the joy and fear of being alive. As a disabled and chronically-ill, nonbinary trans, intersex person of African American and Boricua descent, Wit's visual and performance work uses absurdity to convey and challenge how they experience the world.

Andréa Grasso

Andréa Grasso has a background in public art creation, design, and illustration, and has been working as a muralist both freelance and with Mural Arts for the past 6 years. He frequently travels and has a deep appreciation for the diversity that life has to offer. Andréa's artwork is often very energetic and graphic in style, and draws a lot of inspiration from the color and beauty of stained glass artwork. He is currently a Masters student in City Planning at Temple University, and is very interested in the crossover and interplay between arts access, social justice, and reclaiming and beautifying the urban environment for the people.

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