Happy Father's Day to One of Pathways' Own

  •  Father's Day blog post about Pathways to Housing PA's employee
    Reese and Little Reese heading to basketball practice

Maurice Clark, Service Coordinator at Pathways to Housing PA, knows how he’d spend his perfect day. “My ideal is to get out of the city and just go.” He’d take his son and namesake, who he fondly calls little Reese, for a day fishing on the lake. “It’s my favorite thing to do,” he tells me. “Where do you like to go fishing?” I ask. “Well,” Reese laughs, “see that’s the thing…we’ve never actually done it.” Though Reese has been a father for 13 years, his fatherhood hasn’t exactly left a lot of time for going fishing.

A typical day at the Clark household starts early, with Reese rolling out of bed to wake up little Reese before heading off to the office. He spends his days as a Service Coordinator patiently supporting Pathway’s participants with an easy, warm manner that diffuses tensions before they can start. After a full day working hard, he picks up little Reese from school and his second job begins. Little Reese is a dedicated athlete, playing football and basketball throughout the year, with practice four days a week, and tournaments almost every weekend. His dad is there for all of it.

Reese was deep into sports himself growing up, playing basketball and football all throughout childhood. His particular love was basketball, and he was recruited to play for East Stroudsburg University. Now, he gets to see little Reese be even better than he was.  “I get a lot of joy out of watching him play, especially because I know that he loves it.” And though Reese isn’t one to boast, he admits that little Reese is good. Reese recalls being approached by a high school varsity basketball coach when his son was just entering the 6th grade. “‘Is that your son?’ he asked me. ‘Yeah,’ I said. He told me ‘He’s good. Let’s stay in touch.’” That coach continues to reach out to the Clark’s, and is one of several coaches scouting Little Reese for high school in 2018.

While Reese is thrilled that his son has followed his footsteps in sports, he’s hoping he’s setting an example that little Reese will follow in other ways too. “We have a motto at the Clark house: Clark’s don’t quit. I try to show him that every day by coming to work.” Reese has been an invaluable part of our team at Pathways, and just this week learned that he has been promoted to Assistant Team Leader. His hard work is evident to his team, as is his commitment to participants and his patience. “My son actually helped me learn to be more patient,” Reese says.

While Reese won’t be on a lake this Father’s Day, he will be firing up a new grill and getting time with his family and his son. Happy Father’s Day, Reese! We’re so proud to have you as part of our team. And happy Father's Day to all fathers out there! May this Father’s Day be full of some well-deserved rest.

Reese's promotion has left some open space on his team. Do you know someone who would be a good fit? To work on Reese's team and to review our other open positions click here

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