3 Reasons You Don't Want to Miss the Philadelphia Furniture Bank Chair Affair

Have you booked your ticket to the Philadelphia Furniture Bank’s first annual Chair Affair yet? If not, here are three reasons you should reserve your ticket now

1)    Get one-of-a-kind, designer furniture

I know-it sounds expensive. And it can be! A good designer chair could run several hundred, or even several thousand dollars, and it still would be one copy of many. But at our Chair Affair on June first we will be auctioning off 11 pieces, each a one-of-a-kind original, and the price is entirely up to you and the guy bidding next to you. Our designers are working from pieces donated to the Philadelphia Furniture Bank, and redesigning them to give each piece a unique flair.

2)    Mingle with compassionate, classy individuals

The Philadelphia Furniture Bank, and Pathways to Housing PA, is proud to partner with a rich community of thoughtful, intelligent people like you. Come meet others who care about our city, and are working hard to help Philadelphia become a safe home for all our neighbors. Eat delicious food from John Serock Catering, enjoy stimulating conversation, and fill your evening with fun on Thursday, June 1st and the Moore College of Art.

3)    Change the world, one family at a time

The mission of the Philadelphia Furniture Bank is to ensure that no child has to sleep on the flour. Last year we gave beds, tables, chairs and couches to 1,325 people. Half of our visitors were children, returning to homes after fires, domestic abuse or homelessness. You can’t put a price tag on nights of sleep in a warm bed, evenings eating dinner at a kitchen table, or weekends relaxing as a family on the couch. But you can put a price tag on the furniture it takes to make those moments possible. All proceeds from the Chair Affair will help us reach the next family waiting for a home. 

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