Money Management Services

We help approximately 200 program participants manage their money when they are unable to do so.

Representative Payee Program

The Representative Payee Program provides money management services, using guidelines provided by the Social Security Administration, to participants who suffer from serious mental illness, chronic homelessness, physical disabilities, and in some cases, chronic inebriation.

The Representative Payee Program helps Pathways' participants manage various types of income, such as Social Security benefits (retirement or disability) and Supplemental Security Income. We also offer similar services to veterans receiving cash assistance through the Veterans' Administration. We provide our money management services as teaching tools, with the overall goal of our participants learning to manage their own money as they move toward self-sufficiency.

As Representative Payee for a number of our participants, Pathways has been designated to receive financial benefits on their behalf. We then help our participants to budget their money and disburse their funds to pay for current needs, including housing and utilities, food, medical expenses, personal care items and clothing. Detailed records and receipts, as applicable, are kept of how the participant’s money is spent. This information is reported regularly to the Social Security Administration and other governing bodies.


How does it work?

Pathways to Housing participants who utilize the Representative Payee service work with their Service Team to make sure that all of their financial needs are met. The participant and their team meet regularly to set and review the participant’s monthly budget and discuss any emergency spending requests. The regular meetings allow the Service Team to stay abreast of any changes in the participant’s needs that might affect their budget or benefits.

Each month participants receive discretionary monies after many of their regular bills have been paid.  The team helps the participant stretch the discretionary money to last until the next disbursment.

Pathways does not charge for this service, though the law allows for a monthly charge to be taken from the participant's check. The people we serve are at the bottom rung of the poverty scale, and they need every nickel of their check in order to live. This service is provided because it is needed.  It is paid for through the generosity of our individual donors.


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