Clinical Administrative Assistant

Position Summary: Serves as direct support to the VP of Operations and Clinical Services and Director of Nursing and Population Health Management, ensuring a smooth operation of day-to-day tasks.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Create a system that will maintain timely follow-up on tasks and deadlines.
  • Run daily reports of outstanding docs and disseminate them to Senior Team Leaders, Team Leaders, and Assistant Team Leaders.
  • Daily voicemail checks (office phone) and clear the voicemail box after relaying the messages to supervisors.
  • Coordinate scheduling of both internal and external meetings.
  • Serve as a point person for faxing or emailing participant-related paperwork and reports to the appropriate parties as needed.
  • Follow up with TCM on a weekly basis to ensure all outstanding authorizations and discharges are processed.
  • Copy, file paperwork as required.
  • Coordinate and schedule the CREDIBLE training for all new clinical staff within 3 days of their hire.
  • Collaborate with program assistants and other professionals to ensure timely follow-up of needed materials.
  • Generate reports in CREDIBLE EHR as requested by supervisors.
  • Take notes during meetings and ensure follow-up on notes and action items.
  • Organize and keep record of all credit card receipts on a monthly basis and submit credit card reports to Finance department on a monthly basis.
  • Manage inventory and medical supply ordering for the Nursing Office.
  • Monitor and run monthly reports to maintain Initial and Annual Nursing Assessments up to date.
  • Act as point of contact for Stericycle contracts; monitor monthly waste generation and pick-ups
  • Support coordination and scheduling of medical referrals between Project Home Pathways clinic, teams, and specialty providers. Create a system for referral tracking and communicate with teams and clinic.
  • Communicate with specialty pharmacies regarding specialty medication orders and inventory.
  • Service as point person for Project Home/Next Gen-related IT concerns.
  • Provide support and coverage when other administrative staff are out of the office.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Essential Education, Experience and Skills:

  • High School Diploma, some college preferred.
  • Four years of administrative support experience.
  • Must be proactive and have creative problem-solving skills.
  • Industrious and well-organized.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Proficient in Excel and Microsoft.
  • Excellent organization skills.
  • High ability to multitask.
  • High level of flexibility.

Measures for Success:

  • Necessary supplies on hand for nursing staff based on monthly inventory and ordering.
  • Data reports will be updated and disseminated as per timelines.
  • Timely reports to supervisors regarding upcoming deadlines/follow-up tasks.
  • 100% of clinic referrals placed on team schedules; monthly data reporting on referral status (completed/rescheduled/no show).
  • Successful completion of biweekly authorization/discharge status report.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

Physical Demands and Work Environment:

PTHPA is housed in a Community environment and includes staff interaction with Agency participants.

Mostly office environment. Some light lifting is required. Significant sitting and computer work is required. Interaction with other agency employees.

The employee is expected to adhere to all agency policies and to act as a role model in the adherence to policies.