Housing for People with HIV/AIDS

In 2011, Pathways joined forces with Action Wellness (formerly Action AIDS) to provide independent housing to chronically homeless individuals living with mental health concerns as well as HIV or AIDS.
Referrals are received from the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health.  20 housing subsidies are available with HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS) funding at HUD, granted to Action Wellness.
Participants in the program receive intensive case management through Pathways to Housing PA staff, as well as a high level of support in managing their HIV and any associated health concerns by the medical case manager from Action Wellness, colocated at Pathways. Supportive services include assistance with transportation, accompaniment to appointments, medication management, and linkage to pharmacies and other supports in the community.  The medical case manager is part of the team model and together, seamless services are provided to the program participant.
Like all participants, these folks pay 30 percent of their monthly household income toward rent and utilities.  Payeeship services are offered as needed.
A great deal of focus is put on maintaining physical health and wellness for this group.

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